PassagePlus Downloads

PassagePlus application

New or existing users can download the latest version of PassagePlus here. You can download it free of charge and use it for as long as you like in demo mode using the demo charts (see below). If you like it, you can buy a serial number from within the application. Once the serial number is entered, all demo-mode restrictions are removed and you will be able to use any ARCS or Seafarer RNC charts you buy and all the free NZMariner charts.

The latest version (1.11.5) is for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and above only and for Intel Macs only. For OS X 10.4 Tiger and any PowerPC Mac, please choose version 1.9.2.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE BACK UP YOUR PASSAGE DATA BEFORE USING VERSION 1.11. See the version history for what’s new.

Demo charts

If you want to try the software in demo mode, you also need to download the bundle of nine demo charts. These are the only charts that will work with PassagePlus in demo mode. They are fully-featured ARCS and Seafarer RNC charts, but please note that they are several years out of date and so should not be considered safe for actual navigation.

When you return to this site to download an updated version of PassagePlus, there is normally no need to download the demo charts again as they will not have changed. However, if you downloaded the charts before 16 July 2010, please download them again and replace the two demo chart files on your computer with the new versions contained in this download.

PassagePlus 1.9.2

19 March 2011


Demo Charts

16 July 2010


For full details of PassagePlus, visit our website

PassagePlus 1.11.5

28 April 2013