PassagePlus Version History

PassagePlus v1.11.5: 28 April 2013

[NEW] Added the option to display the names of waypoints and/or routepoints permanently (rather than having to roll over a point to reveal its details). Toggle on or off in the View menu. Displaying these labels may slow down scrolling in some cases.

[FIXED] Fixed incorrect AIS decoding of a ship's estimated time of arrival that gave rise to some very strange-looking dates.

[FIXED] Fixed incorrect handling of AIS message type 24, which is sent in two separate parts. This caused a ship's name to appear sometimes and then mysteriously disappear.

[IMPROVED] Added Galileo to the list of recognised position-fixing device types for AIS.

[FIXED] Fixed a crash that would occur if attempting to sort the Routes or Regions table by name or length.

[IMPROVED] When dragging a bearing, the end point is no longer highlighted (previously it was highlighted if the drag started within 0.1s of the shift key being pressed).

[SEMI-FIXED] When dragging a bearing, if it goes haywire and gets into a beeping loop the drag is now aborted after 20 beeps (2 seconds). Still unclear why such a loop would occur but one user reported it.

[IMPROVED] Trackpoints are no longer locked and so can be deleted by right clicking and choosing 'Delete Trackpoint' as intended. They can also be deleted in the Library and Archive, as before.

[IMPROVED] On sleeping, data are now saved, so not lost if the machine is switched off while asleep.

[IMPROVED] On waking from sleep with GPS active, the GPS is now allowed to stabilise for 30 seconds before positions recommence being recorded. This should help avoid recording spurious points which some GPS units tend to emit when waking from sleep.

[IMPROVED] On waking from sleep with AIS active, AIS data and graphics are now refreshed to avoid mixing potentially very old pre-sleep data with the current post-sleep data. 

PassagePlus v1.11.4: 8 November 2012

[FIXED] The log now once again records an entry at regular intervals. This was broken in v1.11.0 and only the 'start' and 'stop' log messages were being recorded.

[FIXED] Removed the user preference for track saving interval in the Current Track pane of the Passage Data Library. Should have been removed in v1.11.0 along with the corresponding item in the Preferences window, but I forgot!

PassagePlus v1.11.3: 17 August 2012

[FIXED] Fixed bug introduced in v1.11.2 which caused the degrees symbol to be shown as the infinity symbol instead.

PassagePlus v1.11.2: 14 August 2012

[IMPROVED] A number of improvements to the code relating to serial ports and the monitoring of NMEA data. Most of the changes are internal, but the user will see changes to the wording of AIS status messages and the removal of the option to adjust the frequency with which GPS data are read.

[IMPROVED] Reduced CPU usage when there is a large number of active AIS targets.

[IMPROVED] Recompiled for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, in particular the Gatekeeper feature.

Plus a few other minor fixes and code improvements.

PassagePlus v1.11.1: 26 June 2012

Minor update to fix bugs inadvertently introduced in v1.11.0:

[FIXED] The 'Find' button for tidal diamonds now works again (ie, scrolls the chart to show the selected diamond).

[FIXED] When a course-to-steer is calculated, the label now includes a 'close' button again.

PassagePlus v1.11.0: 17 May 2012

IMPORTANT: PLEASE BACK UP YOUR PASSAGE DATA BEFORE USING THIS VERSION. This version changes the format in which data such as waypoints, routes and tracks are saved. The new format will not work on earlier versions of PassagePlus (1.10 and earlier), so a backup is important if you ever want to revert to an earlier version. The data to back up is the folder at ~/Library/Application Support/PassagePlus/PassageData.

[NEW] Can now draw a range circle around any waypoint or routepoint (by option-dragging from that point). Can also set entry or exit alarms on a range circle (eg, anchor alarms, arrival alarms).

[NEW} Can now zoom to any scale while screening back the chart detail. This is useful for monitoring your boat's movement inside a small range circle, for example.

[NEW] Can now 'project' a new waypoint from an existing waypoint (by shift-dragging from the existing point). Can also project a new routepoint from the last point on a route.

[NEW] Can now lock individual waypoints, individual routes/regions and individual points on routes/regions. This is done using the right-click contextual menu. Locked waypoints and all points on locked routes/regions are distinguished by having a solid fill (but at this stage, this fill does not apply to individually locked points on an unlocked route/region).

[NEW] Can now restrict the drawn track to the most recent 't' hours, where t is user-adjustable. This merely hides the earlier points; it does not delete them. It is particularly helpful in avoiding confusion when a track criss-crosses itself.

[NEW] Can now filter the track to exclude (1) high HDOP positions, (2) possibly spurious positions (those with high acceleration). Filtered points are removed from the drawn track, but not deleted. However you have the option to delete them permanently when you archive the track (ie, when you create a new track).

[NEW but EXPERIMENTAL] Can now output NMEA to an autopilot or deck instruments. Used in conjunction with the 'go to' feature introduced in v1.10, this should allow an attached autopilot to steer your boat to the current 'go to' waypoint and/or allow deck instruments to display information such as bearing to waypoint and cross track error. This should be regarded as an untested beta feature and I would appreciate feedback from users.

[IMPROVED] Can now create a waypoint using the right-click contextual menu.

IMPROVED] Can now hide a route or region using the right-click contextual menu.

[IMPROVED] Can now lock all waypoints, all routes or all regions from the main menu (as well as from the relevant panel as before).

[IMPROVED] Can now delete waypoints, routes, regions, routepoints, regionpoints and trackpoints using the right-click contextual menu (as well as with the backspace key as before).

[IMPROVED] Can now use shift-backspace to delete an entire route/region when hovered over any point on that route/region.

[IMPROVED] Added keyboard shortcuts for toggling visibility of graphics layers (see View menu).

[IMPROVED] Track smoothing at high magnifications adjusted so threshold distance below which points are omitted if 'close together' is lower.

[IMPROVED] Distances < 0.5M now shown in both nautical miles and metres (rather than just metres).

[IMPROVED] Label system completely rewritten. Among other things, has the following advantages:
- Text in labels now draws correctly at all zoom levels.
- Label flipping now works correctly at all zoom levels.
- A rollover label is no longer shown when there is already a 'found' label at the rolled-over position.
- Behaviour of cursors is better.

[IMPROVED] Highlight colour default changed to orange—more visible than the yellow used previously.

[IMPROVED] Region label colours now match the region's colour.

[IMPROVED] Vessel's track is now a darker red by default, to distinguish it from waypoints, which are a bright red by default. Colours can be changed in Preferences, as before.

[IMPROVED] Active GoTo leg is now a darker green.

[IMPROVED] Various improvements to the efficiency of drawing code.

[IMPROVED] Various minor changes relating to serial port code.

[IMPROVED] The computer/GPS time mismatch warning is no longer modal. [May have caused a freeze if not dismissed fairly quickly.]

[IMPROVED] Removed the user preference for track saving interval. Just clutter that I doubt anyone used. Now set at 5 minutes.

[IMPROVED] Logs whose only entry is that the GPS was turned off are now discarded as this is useless information. This could happen if a new track was created and the GPS failed to get adequate reception and recorded no positions before being switched off.

[IMPROVED] Removed the option to click through the info panel. Not really useful now we have a separate instruments panel.

[IMPROVED] The Help has been updated. Also, the Help no longer uses code-generated topic lists. Should work better in a normal browser.

[FIXED] Fixed a potential error where a westerly magnetic variation read from GPS data could have been recorded as east.

[FIXED] Fixed an error that could occur when deselecting items in the Chart Notes viewer.

[FIXED] 'Found' label is now dismissed if the found object is deleted.

[FIXED] 'Go To' a sundry point (ie, not an existing waypoint/routepoint) now puts the 'Go To' point in the place that was right-clicked (rather than being offset from there because of selecting in the menu). Same thing for 'show related charts at this position'.

[FIXED] Stopping a 'Go To' now erases the green active GoTo leg immediately.

[FIXED] Amended the 'recent average speed' code used in 'Go To' calculations so as to avoid a warning that would be output to the Console.

[FIXED] 'Cancel' button on Fix panel now works again.

PassagePlus v1.10.0: 27 October 2011

[NEW] Can now navigate using AIS data if using a transponder type AIS unit or a plugger. This means there is no need to attach a GPS to the computer—position, course and speed data are read from the vessel's outbound AIS signals. This method will be used automatically if the AIS is a transponder type and is switched on. If a directly-attached GPS is also present and switched on the GPS will be preferred.

[NEW] Added an 'Instruments' panel. This shows, position, course, speed, etc. It is separate from the general panel that shows, waypoints, routes, AIS data, etc, so that the two can be seen at the same time.

[NEW] Added a 'GoTo' facility, including route following. Right click to create a GoTo. If the clicked point is a routepoint, you can optionally choose to continue following the remainder of the route once that point is reached. When a GoTo is active, various data, including BTW (bearing to waypoint), XTE (cross-track error) and ETA (estimated time of arrival) are shown on the Instruments panel.

[FIXED] Addressed an issue where the display of AIS targets could sometimes lag their true positions by a significant amount of time. Positions are also updated more frequently: every 1.5s instead of every 10.5s.

[IMPROVED] Audible warning of AIS close shaves now fires once every 15s (was once every 10.5s).

PassagePlus v1.9.3: 28 July 2011

PassagePlus version 1.9.3 is intended for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion ONLY. Its purpose is to overcome some incompatibilities that prevented v1.9.2 running 100% correctly in Lion. If you are using an earlier version of Mac OS X you should stick with PassagePlus v1.9.2. There are no feature differences between v1.9.3 and v1.9.2, just a couple of minor fixes as listed below. Version 1.9.3 will in fact probably work with OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and OS X 10.5 (Leopard), but we have not tested those combinations extensively so cannot recommend them. It will definitely not work with any PowerPC Mac.

[FIXED] Fixed a recently-introduced bug that caused new points on routes or regions to be called 'Unnamed' rather than being given a sequential name as before.

[FIXED] Deleting a point on a route or region no longer leaves drawing vestiges.

[FIXED] Creating a manual fix when no track has previously been recorded no longer causes a spurious warning that no track exists.

PassagePlus v1.9.2: 19 March 2011

[FIXED] Fixed a problem where adding a tidal diamond did not update the display, giving the impression that nothing had happened.

PassagePlus v1.9.1: 29 September 2010

[FIXED] Fixed a potentially serious bug that could, in certain circumstances, cause the user's current track or an archived track to be drawn in the wrong place on charts whose datum is not WGS84.

[FIXED] The above fix also deals with a bug where, in some cases, no track would be drawn on a chart made up of a 'sheet of plans'.

[IMPROVED] Added a toolbar button for Regions. If you don't see it, choose View > Customize Toolbar to add it.

[FIXED] Fixed a bug where clicking outside the chart area could cause a waypoint or routepoint to be added at 0 lat, 0 lon.

[FIXED] Fixed a bug in Fix mode that could sometimes cause a waypoint/routepoint/regionpoint to be created rather than a fix.

[FIXED] When a waypoint was added via the 'Waypoint Latest Position' function, a bug introduced in v1.9.0 meant that the 'Find' function would not find it. This has been fixed.

[FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused rectangular regions to be created non-rectangular on charts whose datum was not WGS84.

[FIXED] Fixed a bug that prevented routes and regions being created on charts whose shift from WGS84 is unknown.

[FIXED] When a new waypoint, route or region is added and named, it now remains selected in the table.

[FIXED] Fixed a problem that prevented a 'success' message being shown when a serial number was entered.

Plus a number of other minor fixes and improvements. 

PassagePlus v1.9.0: 25 August 2010

IMPORTANT: PLEASE BACK UP YOUR PASSAGE DATA BEFORE USING THIS VERSION. This version changes the format in which data such as waypoints, routes and tracks are saved. The new format will not work on earlier versions of PassagePlus (1.8 and earlier), so a backup is important if you ever want to revert to an earlier version. The data to back up is the folder at ~/Library/Application Support/PassagePlus/PassageData.

[NEW] It is now possible to create 'Regions' on a chart. You can use these to mark areas of interest such as fishing areas or danger zones. Regions are freeform polygons and can be used to mark an area of any shape. Each can have its own colour. A special category of region is created rectangular and remains rectangular when you move or resize it. Rectangular regions can be used to highlight particular parts of the chart. As with waypoints, routes and tracks, regions are stored independently of the chart and will appear on any chart they intersect. A Regions tab has also been added to the Library.

[IMPROVED] Added the option to view the Help in your default web browser rather than Apple's HelpViewer. Some people find HelpViewer awkward because it floats above other windows making it difficult to flip between the Help and PassagePlus itself.

[IMPROVED] Can now add comments to routes, regions and archived tracks.

[IMPROVED] Can now edit the lat/lon of routepoints in the Library.

[IMPROVED] Can now delete routepoints in the Library (with undo).

[IMPROVED] Deletions and insertions of routepoints/regionpoints in the main interface can now be undone.

[IMPROVED] Can now use 'find' on waypoints, routes and regions in the Library and tracks in the Archive.

[IMPROVED] Added brief instructions on how to do a hand-bearing fix directly in the relevant interface tab so you don't have to consult the Help.

[IMPROVED] The View menu now ticks the visible graphics layers rather than saying 'Hide' or 'Display'.

[IMPROVED] Minor change to the 'add tidal diamond' button so it will not be enabled unless a reference port has been selected for the current chart. Also, changes to improve the choice of which tab is shown in the Tides window when opening that window or switching charts.

[IMPROVED] AIS table now shows the number of detected targets.

[FIXED] Fixed a problem that could cause the application to become unresponsive and eventually crash if a vessel's track was created on a shiftable panel and subsequently a chart containing a non-shiftable panel was opened and the latitude/longitude of a point on the track intersected the latter panel.

[FIXED] Fixed a potential error in calculations of estimated position and course to steer.

[FIXED] Fixed an error in computing magnetic variation when using GPS in a case where the GPS unit does not output magnetic variation data itself.

[FIXED] Plugged one potentially major memory leak and a few minor ones.

[FIXED] The latitude/longitude formatter has been fixed so that it is now possible to use a lowercase w when entering a west longitude.

Plus a number of other minor fixes and code improvements.

Demo Charts Update: 16 July 2010

This affects only those users who are trying out PassagePlus in demo mode. Please download the latest version of the demo charts (16 July 2010). Replace the two demo chart files on your computer. This fixes a data corruption in the UK demo charts which could cause spurious “Could not open chart...” warnings in certain circumstances.

Note that this latest set of demo charts requires PassagePlus v1.8.0 or later, so if you are still using an earlier version, please download the latest one.

Demo Charts Update: 9 July 2010

This affects only those users who are trying out PassagePlus in demo mode. Please download the latest version of the demo charts (9 July 2010). Replace the two demo chart files on your computer. The previous version was not always reliable when running PassagePlus v1.8.0.

Note that this latest set of demo charts requires PassagePlus v1.8.0 or later, so if you are still using an earlier version, please download the latest one.

PassagePlus v1.8.0: 22 April 2010

[NEW] Primarily intended for shipspotters, the new AIS Library automatically maintains a comprehensive history of your AIS sightings. The history can be analysed in various ways through a number of tables, and you can display the historical positions of a target graphically on a chart. You can also add your own comments to an AIS target, look up more information about it on Google® and drag in and save a picture of it from a website or the Finder.

[IMPROVED] 'Find' for a live AIS target now opens the best (largest scale) chart containing the target's position if it's not on the current chart. Ditto for 'Find Boat' and 'Emergency'.

[IMPROVED] The calculation of 'closest point of approach' (CPA) to an AIS target is now much quicker.

[IMPROVED] Imminent close shaves with AIS targets now splash a warning plus an alert sound. A 'close shave' means a CPA of less than 185m (0.1M) or, if greater, the length of the target if the target is a moving ship. The 185m threshold can be changed in Preferences. 'Imminent' means within 30 minutes.

[IMPROVED] The AIS table now more clearly reflects the level of risk in each target. Imminent 'close shaves' are shown in red at the top. Below these, in grey, are new sightings whose range has not yet been determined. The remainder are in black and are sorted first by whether we are converging and then by CPA. Note, CPA equates with range when not converging. Also, the table no longer scrolls to keep the selected target visible [This scrolling was introduced in v1.6.9, but the above changes make it less desirable. It still occurs in TIger (OS X 10.4) because it was a built-in function of the OS then.]

[IMPROVED] The 'culling' of old AIS targets can now be automatic if so elected in Preferences. Auto-culling is off by default. Culling helps avoid screen clutter by removing targets and their tracks if the target has not been seen for at least 5 minutes (or another time set in Preferences).

[IMPROVED] Added still more countries to the list of recognised ship registration countries for AIS.

[IMPROVED] PassagePlus now launches much more quickly when a large number of charts is installed.

[IMPROVED] The Passage Data Library and Archive now use a green tick rather than a mysterious checkbox to show whether a waypoint/route/track is on the current chart.

[FIXED] When switching charts with AIS active, vestigial tracks of moving targets would sometimes remain in spurious places on the new chart. This has been fixed.

PassagePlus v1.7.3: 26 December 2009

[FIXED] Fixed a bug introduced in v1.7.0 (and overlooked in the fix in v1.7.1) that prevented some Chart Manager operations working properly in OS X 10.4 and 10.3.

[IMPROVED] Improved the compatibility of GPX imports/exports.

PassagePlus v1.7.2: 8 December 2009

[FIXED] Eliminated spurious warnings of licence expiry that could appear in cases where an expiring licence has been renewed.

PassagePlus v1.7.1: 3 December 2009

This is a minor update, but the first item is important for users running OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.3 (Panther).

[FIXED] Fixed a bug introduced in v1.7.0 that prevented the Chart Manager window displaying properly in OS X 10.4 and 10.3.

[FIXED] Fixed an error that would arise if an NZMariner Update CD was run before running the most recent Charts CD.

[IMPROVED] Modified the serial port code to provide more a detailed error description if a port fails to open.

PassagePlus v1.7.0: 30 September 2009

[NEW] PassagePlus is now compatible with the ARCS Navigator chart service. So users of ARCS charts can now choose either the Skipper or the Navigator service (or both).

[IMPROVED] Improved the responsiveness of Chart Manager operations.

[IMPROVED] Reduced the memory footprint when there is a large number of charts.

[IMPROVED] Improved the user experience when entering a serial number.

[IMPROVED] If a GPS or AIS connection disappears unexpectedly (eg, unplugging without switching off, or a faulty cable), PassagePlus now waits 20 seconds to see if it reappears before cleaning up.

PassagePlus v1.6.9: 8 July 2009

Reduced the time needed to load new chart permits. The benefit is increasingly noticeable as the number of permits increases beyond a few dozen.

Improvements to AIS:
- Fixed a bug introduced in Version 1.6.7 which caused the information displayed when rolling over an AIS target to be identical, regardless of which target was rolled over.
- When the table of AIS targets updates, the table now scrolls, if necessary, to keep the selected target visible in the list.
- Added a few more countries to the list of recognised ship registration countries.

PassagePlus v1.6.8: 29 June 2009

Rollover labels for routepoints and trackpoints now include the name of the route or track in question, making it easier to distinguish one route or track from another. [Remember that routes and tracks can be renamed to something more meaningful than their default names.]

When a waypoint or routepoint is dragged, the rollover label now moves with it, updating continuously. Also the crosshair cursor is maintained throughout the drag. Thus, precise positioning is easier.

Showing and hiding archived tracks has been made more intuitive.

Fixed a bug (introduced in v1.6.7) that could cause PassagePlus to crash when a waypoint or routepoint was dragged in a particular way.

Other minor improvements.

PassagePlus v1.6.7: 19 June 2009

Improved flexibility of manual fixes and the editing of tracks and logs:

- Fixes can now be made retrospectively and will be inserted into the current track in the correct chronological sequence.

- Trackpoints can now be deleted by hovering over the relevant point on the graphic of a track (current or archived) and pressing Delete. Press Shift beforehand to activate the hover feature.

- Trackpoints and segments can now be deleted from the current track or an archived track in the Library or Archive repectively.

- Log entries can now be deleted from the current log or an archived log in the Library or Archive repectively.

- Log entries can now be added retrospectively in either the current log or an archived log. The boat's position, course and speed at the time are initially estimated by interpolation of the track being recorded at that time (if any), and these estimates can be edited.

Addressed the situation where, for a user of the Seafarer RNC Update service, it might not be possible to load a new version of a chart if that version first appears on a Chart CD rather than on an Update CD.

PassagePlus v1.6.4: 18 May 2009

Various improvements to AIS:

- To reduce clutter, the user can now clear the graphics of moving ships that have not been seen for some time.

- Tracks now disappear when the AIS is switched off.

- Track tails now continue to be trimmed even if there is no data being received on the AIS (eg, if it loses power).

- A ship's destination is now included in the displayed data, if known.

- Improved the descriptions of ship types and removed an overlap of descriptions for ships and aids-to-navigation.

- Improved the country identification for MMSI codes that are not ships (eg, groups of ships, coast stations).

- Added a few more countries to the list of recognised ship registration countries.

PassagePlus v1.6.2: 27 January 2009

Added preferences for the size of AIS icons and our boat's icon.

Improvements to serial ports preferences panel.

An AIS projected track is now shown if a ship is moving at more than 0.25kts even if it is claiming to be moored, anchored or aground.

Exported log files now show decimal positions in degrees rather than seconds.

PassagePlus v1.6.1: 11 December 2008

Opening a chart by keying in its number now works again (broke it in v1.6).

A warning is now given on launch if the serial number will expire in less than 31 days.

Other minor changes to the handling of serial numbers.

Minor changes to the handling of certain kinds of AIS message.

PassagePlus v1.6.0: 1 August 2008

PassagePlus is now compatible with Seafarer RNC charts, the official raster charts of Australian waters. Both the 'Chart' and 'Update' services are supported. Four Seafarer charts have also been added to the demo charts collection.

NZMariner charts and updates are now available to download free of charge at LINZ's website ( PassagePlus supports loading the charts/updates from the downloaded folder (unzip the .zip file first).

ARCS and Seafarer charts are still delivered on CD. However, PassagePlus now supports loading charts and updates from hard disc if you first copy the CD to your hard disc. Some people may find this more convenient than inserting CD's during the install/update process. The actual process runs far more quickly, and copying the CD to hard disc provides a form of quick-access backup.

Chart permits can now be removed completely. The deleted permits are archived, and you can selectively restore permits from the archive. This is sometimes helpful if you are having problems with the chart portfolio and need to reinstall permits in a logical order.

The Chart Manager now has a search field allowing the chart list to be filtered down to just those containing the search string. An entire chart service (eg, ARCS Skipper, NZMariner, etc) can also be hidden.

Opening a chart now splashes a message if it appears that charts need updating.

When scrolling the chart with the boat, the boat no longer has to be centred in the window. The user can drag the chart to put the boat wherever he likes.

User-defined datum shifts can now be input for charts that don't have built-in shift information. There are still a few such charts in the ARCS and Seafarer RNC collections (none in NZMariner). This feature makes it possible to use GPS position plotting on such panels, although the plotted position will of course only be as accurate as the user's estimated shift.

The Chart Browser now shows both large scale and small scale charts when a 1-degree square is clicked. It still shows only small scale charts when a 10-degree square is clicked.

Added code to reject as spurious points output by a GPS if both lat and lon are within one metre of zero degrees (it appears some GPS's may occasionally output a spurious zero north zero east position).

Improved CD handling in various 'cancel' or 'wrong CD inserted' situations.

Fixed a problem where dashed gaps between track segments could be drawn in the wrong position on panels whose datum is not WGS84.

Fixed a bug inadvertently introduced in v1.5 that caused a dragged bearing to leave drawing vestiges.

Fixed a bug that caused the Notices to Mariners window to malfunction.

PassagePlus now cleans up gracefully if the user inadvertently unplugs a GPS or AIS unit from the computer while the service is running.

The field in the Open Chart window now accepts lower case letters for chart numbers.

The chart installation/update window now hides when PassagePlus is not at the front.

Improved the wording of many of the error messages.

Various other minor improvements.

PassagePlus v1.5.0: 17 January 2008

Added AIS support, an important safety feature enabling the tracking of ships, aids to navigation and other broadcasters of AIS data. This is particularly valuable for those who sail in busy waters.

Improvements to:
- archived tracks feature, 
- artificial time feature, 
- handling of serial ports, 
- variety of supported GPS devices.

Various bug fixes.

PassagePlus v1.4.3: 3 August 2007

Improvements to the Related Charts panel. The panel now shrinks to fit the window width where there is a large number of related charts (common for NZMariner users). Also added an option to filter Related Charts to those above a certain scale. Thus, very small scale charts (such as the World chart) that are unlikely to be needed often can be excluded to reduce clutter. The threshold scale can be set in Preferences. A button allows the full list to be shown whenever needed.

Chart Browser now works with NZMariner charts.

When measuring a bearing & distance, distance is now shown to 2 decimal places if less than 10M, 1dp if more.

For first time demo user, one of the demo charts is now automatically opened at first launch rather than leaving the user to work out how to do it.

PassagePlus v1.4.2: 11 January 2007

Fixed certain problems relating to demo charts.

NOTE: Also fixed a data error in the Demo Charts set of 8 September 2006 which caused demo charts not to display in the Related Charts panel. Demo users should download the new set dated 11 January 2007 from

PassagePlus v1.4.1: 10 January 2007

Added filter search for tables of waypoints, routes, tracks and logs.

Improved robustness when reading GPS data.

Other minor fixes and improvements.

PassagePlus v1.4.0: 29 October 2006

PassagePlus is now compatible with NZMariner charts.

IMPORTANT: because NZMariner chart permits are stored on the CD, PassagePlus cannot open NZMariner charts unless either the Update CD or the Charts CD was issued after October 2006.

PassagePlus v1.3.4: 17 October 2006

Improvements to archived tracks, recent charts menus and undo. Various fixes and other minor improvements.

PassagePlus v1.3.3: 11 October 2006

Maintenance release fixing certain minor issues.

PassagePlus v1.3.1: 9 September 2006

Maintenance release fixing several issues relating to Estimated Position fixes and making various other minor improvements.

NOTE: Users using the demo charts should download the revised set (uploaded to the site on 8 September 2006). This is not essential but does mean that the Related Charts feature will work correctly and the yellow warning triangle in the Related Charts panel will disappear.

PassagePlus v1.3: 2 September 2006

First public release since v1.2.1. Changes since 1.2.1:

Tide vectors are now shown visually at diamonds. Updated every one minute. When using course-to-steer or dead reckoning, the nearest diamond is highlighted.

Dead Reckoning can now use tidal diamond data, if available. At each updating of the position, the nearest tidal diamond is determined.

Estimated Position fix can also now use tidal diamond data, if available.

Course-to-Steer function now determines the closest tidal diamond at each point along the leg. Previously a single diamond was used for the entire leg.

Course-to-steer will now warn when a proposed course is impossible at the chosen boat speed because the tide is too strong.

Can now set an artificial time for the purposes of tidal planning. Works for course-to-steer, estimated position fixes and dead reckoning. The supposed time is permanently displayed in a warning label when this option is on, and is updated every one minute.

Can now take a manual fix even when GPS or Dead Reckoning are active. Under GPS, the fix is for information only and will not be added to the track. Under Dead Reckoning, if the fix is confirmed it will be added to the track and Dead Reckoning will continue from that position. [Note that an Estimated Position fix is not possible when GPS or dead reckoning are active; it must be either by clicking on the chart or by taking bearings.]

Can now specify whether E/W and N/S are positive when entering positions.

Contextual menu now allows related charts to be shown for whatever point the mouse is at, rather than only for the latest position. This display is 'held' for 10 seconds, after which a track update (from GPS or DR) will cause it to revert to displaying related charts at the latest position.

Various problems have been fixed, particularly a number of redrawing issues, and other improvements made.

PassagePlus v1.2.1: 15 August 2006

A maintenance release dealing with certain minor issues:

Related charts matrix now deals properly with situations where there are no related charts.

Related chart thumbnails now have their black edges trimmed off as far as possible.

'Start Dead Reckoning from here' now triggered by a button on the fix label rather than a sheet.

Other minor improvements.

PassagePlus v1.2: 11 August 2006

Added a window displaying thumbnails of all charts intersecting the current position. The list is constantly updated as the boat moves and is sorted by chart scale. The window can be minimised. It automatically opens when a new chart comes into the list or when you sail off the current chart. Clicking a thumbnail opens that chart. This function thus allows one-click access to all charts relevant to your current position. [Note: To ensure this works properly with multi-panel charts you need to use the Chart Manager to remove all charts and reinstall them (so that the program can store certain chart metadata that were previously not used). We apologise for this one-off inconvenience. If you are unable to reinstall your charts at the moment, the function still works in restricted mode, and a yellow warning triangle is displayed in the window to remind you to reinstall them when you can.]

Various other minor improvements.

PassagePlus v1.1.5: 28 July 2006

Magnetic headings are now corrected for compass deviation.

An estimate is now provided (where appropriate) of the time required to reach a given waypoint/routepoint.

User can now create details of any number of vessels and choose one as the current vessel. To assist with the above two features, vessel details include a compass deviation table and the vessel's tacking angle.

Various other minor improvements.

PassagePlus v1.1.4: 19 July 2006

Added the option of automatic checking for PassagePlus updates.

A fix can now be confirmed by clicking a button on the fix label (or by clicking the 'Confirm' button on the panel as before).

The 'Latest Recorded Position' label now moves with the vessel.

The red 'Close Window' button on the main window has been disabled to prevent accidentally quitting the application.

Fixed a drawing error that could occur when scrolling the chart in such a way as to move a position label off the screen.

Fixed a bug that prevented displaying the cursor position on the Source Data Diagram.

Fixed a bug that generated error messages when the user attempted to drag a bearing into the Source Data Diagram.

PassagePlus v1.1.3: 17 July 2006

Added the option of displaying the vessel's projected position in n minutes' time. The number n can be set in Preferences.

PassagePlus v1.1.2: 11 July 2006

Added a Preferences setting for flow control on the GPS serial connection, which may help with certain GPS units that were unable to connect. By default it is set to 'None'. If the GPS will not connect, try changing it to 'Hardware'.

PassagePlus v1.1.1: 11 July 2006

Added a GPS Monitor allowing the user to view the NMEA output from the GPS, which may help troubleshoot GPS connections.

Added a Preferences setting for the number of stop bits on the GPS serial connection, which may help with certain GPS units that were unable to connect. By default it is set to 1. If the GPS will not connect, try changing it to 2.

Corrected a problem introduced in v1.1 where a newly-created track might not be visible until another chart was opened or the application relaunched.

PassagePlus v1.1: 7 July 2006

Archived tracks can now be displayed on the chart. Each track can be given its own colour.

Logs (including archived logs) can now be exported as comma-separated values (CSV) files. These can be imported into spreadsheet or database applications (or Google Spreadsheets) where they can be edited, formatted and printed.

Reinstated centring of the latest track position on the chart when 'Scroll' is selected. When 'Scroll' is not selected, centring occurs only when the position would otherwise not be visible.

Archived tracks and logs can now be deleted.

Undo/Redo menu items now say what they're going to undo/redo.

Menus revamped. 'Tools' menu split into 'Navigate', 'Data' and 'Info' menus. 'Appearance' menu renamed 'View'.

Fixed a permissions problem that prevented PassagePlus from launching for any user other than the one who installed it.

Fixed a bug where, in certain circumstances, creating a new log would not archive the old one.

Fixed a bug where GPX import or export would work for waypoints and routes but not for tracks. Also fixed a couple of formatting errors in GPX exports and a time zone issue in GPX imports.

PassagePlus v1.0.4: 28 June 2006

Emergency button now creates a waypoint at the emergency position (if known).

'Find' commands now make the routes and waypoints visible if they were hidden.

Waypoints panel is now sorted alphabetically.

Manual log entries now pre-enter the last recorded position.

The 'Show Updated Tiles' option (Chart Info panel) now remains in effect when a new chart is opened.

PassagePlus v1.0.3: 26 June 2006

When shifting from WGS84 to local datum or vice versa, the longitude shift was erroneously being applied to both latitude and longitude. This is now fixed.

Addressed a problem where if, for a given chart, tidal diamonds were entered for the first time and the Tides window closed and then reopened, the tidal diamond data would be erased.

Addressed a problem where if no chart-specific information had ever previously been saved, tidal diamond data would be erased when switching charts or quitting and relaunching.

Addressed a problem where the time zone of reference ports was not being correctly picked up from the reference port table and was defaulting to the user's time zone.

Addressed a problem where the HW-6 tidal stream was not being used when required and was instead being set as HW-5.

In the reference port sheet, springs and neaps tidal ranges are no longer misleadingly always shown as being in metres (when they might in fact be in feet or fathoms).

Fixed problem where a dragged bearing/distance line would not display if routes and waypoints were hidden.

Dragging a bearing/distance line now autoscrolls the chart when necessary, as expected.

Fixed a problem where creating a waypoint in a position where another waypoint is already highlighted would result in the new waypoint being created at 0°N 0°E.

Waypoints/routepoints are no longer highlighted when PassagePlus is in the background (ie, not the active application).

PassagePlus v1.0.2: 17 May 2006

Help made prettier.

PassagePlus v1.0.1: 14 May 2006

Basic form of Help added to Help menu—an HTML version of the User Guide. A prettier looking version will be added later.

PassagePlus v1.0.0: 13 May 2006

First full release.